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40 for the evening
15 for Wound T2 and Fear T2c
50 for Finishing Orthanc Challenges
30 for Orthanc (lightning, acid, shad...
40 for Smaug t2c and 20 for first Gia...

Sticky Sticky: Completed: The Fires of Smaug - Challenge

20. March 2013 - written by PAchoz at 23:05

Well done everyone to get this done and thanks Din for great leading!

Was a smooth night!




Next: Gangbang Yannick!

Sticky Sticky: Completed: The Battle for Erebor T2!

10. March 2013 - written by PAchoz at 22:55

Well done everyone..This went down quick and controlled.
Was a good start on our new raid cluster.


Thanks everyone for attending and Din for leading!

Next: Fires of Smaug!

Sticky Sticky: Completed: Challenge: Dancing in the Dark!

14. May 2012 - written by PAchoz at 22:33
This went down pretty quick guys..Thank you all for your attendance, i mean it really..Just keep it up so we can get remaining 2 challenges done to get the full clear on Orthanc..

Keep up the EPIC work Ekseriyet ^^

Video: Link

Orthanc (100 for first Shadow Challenge..wooot)  14.05.12 Loot:

Worn Symbol of the Elder King » Cyndralya (300 DKP)
Rossechor » Pachoz (210 DKP)

Sticky Sticky: Challenge Completed: Acid Wash

8. April 2012 - written by PAchoz at 23:12
Great dedication and performance finally paid off..Thank you very much guys.These are the moments that hold us together and keep us playing.I know many of you was getting frasturated lately but as i told you all before, this is the path we have the take to clear this raid..Its painful, full of wipes and could be annoying i know but you are missing the spirit of being a kin and working together if you letting these things bringin you down..

Again thanks all for the attandence so far and keep it up please..We have more to do ;)

Orthanc (100 for first Acid T2 Challenge..Great job guys :))  08.04.12 Loot:

Worn Symbol of the Elder King » Flakrin (300 DKP)
Worn Symbol of the Elder King » Equus (590 DKP)

Sticky Sticky: When the Lights Go Out

3. February 2012 - written by PAchoz at 00:43
After few good attempts we have finally claimed the Lightning T2-Challenge..
Thank you all for great performance and patience..Without your consistant attendance this wouldnt be possible to get that fast..

Credit goes to the all kinnies who have attended any of the attempts on Lightning Wing!


Orthanc (100 for first Lightning Challenge and 10 as a gift from Beo ^^)  02.02.12 Loot:

Gwanwengor » Galrador (255 DKP)
Worn Symbol of the Elder King » Marbleia (1000 DKP)
Worn Symbol of the Elder King » Cycartha (1000 DKP)
Lanthillos » Cycartha (200 DKP)

Sticky Sticky: Completed: Fire and Frost T2

23. January 2012 - written by PAchoz at 11:22
That took some while but thanks to all of you being so patience we got this done..Was just about time to get a tier 2 accomplishment..This should raise our spirit and give us enough enthusiasm to go further in the raid.

Credit goes to the all kinnies who attended to any attempts in this wing..Keep it up people :D

Orthanc (50 for first Fire & Frost T2)  22.01.12 Loot:

Worn Symbol of the Elder King » Leruthien (1400 DKP)

Completed: Shadow T2

7. May 2012 - written by PAchoz at 08:22
Awesome work folks..Was a really smooth execution there..We have managed to complete the fight in 7mins and that only shows one thing and that is, challenge mode is definately within our grasps..Can shave that 2mins easily with a focussed challenge mode strategy.

Credit goes to everyone that have participated on any Shadow attempts so far..Please keep the sign ups up because lately we are slacking and cancelling few raids because of low attention.Just please give us your few hours during evenings.. I SAID GIVE EM BITCHESSSS :)


Pach's Perspective

Marb's Perspective

Orthanc (75 for first Shadow T2)  06.05.12 Loot:

Worn Symbol of the Elder King » Shadowkat (300 DKP)

Draigoch Challenge 6-manned!

24. March 2012 - written by PAchoz at 16:53
It was pretty fun and quite an achievement with absense of burg, dps and ticking time :D
Thank you folks for the night..Was worth to stay awake ^^


12. September 2011 - written by PAchoz at 21:58
Well we fucking it did people..All the challanges in OD done!!
With Durin's Bane falls down to our mighty blow we've clamed ourselves as 6th kin on the server that completes all challanges in OD.

Thank you all very much for the infinite efforts and patience to get this possible.I wanted to completed before RoI and you guys made that fucking done..EPIC :D




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